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Dit zijn de Instagrampagina’s van de ’13 Reasons Why’-acteurs

13 Reasons Why
Foto: Instagram @justin.prentice
Ken je dat gevoel wanneer je een serie hebt uitgekeken en je de personages begint te missen alsof ze je vrienden waren? Jep, wij ook. Instagram to the rescue! We zochten en vonden de profielen van alle ’13 Reasons Why’-scholieren (en klikten keer op keer op ‘Volgen’) om de leegte tot aan seizoen 2 op te vullen met kiekjes van Justin Foley, Zach Dempsey en Clay Jensen.

Clay Jensen – Dylan Minnette

I want to be like @finnwolfhardofficial when I grow up.

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Hannah Baker – Katherine Langford 

@theellenshow 😍 Airs Monday.

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Justin Foley – Brandon Flynn

Thank you. Forever I.O.U. but forever I love you too!

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Tony Padilla – Christian Navarro

"Stay Humble" is about staying true to your roots, and to yourself. I'm a kid from the south Bronx, always will be. I carry my hood in my heart and I remember the lessons I learned along the way. They've made me the man I am today. Only eleven days left to pick up your "Stay Humble" apparel at Represent.com/cln Click the link in my bio. A portion of our proceeds goes directly to The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. This cause is near and dear to my heart. They help give second chances to those who thought they had none left. And they bring people back from the edge of darkness. Into the light. Use your light and shine on someone else. You never know what someone else is going through, so have the courage to be kind! Support. Shop "Stay Humble" and join my heroes at AFSP in fighting the good fight. Love you guys. #stayhumble #13 #tonypadilla #christiannavarro #bekind #afsp #mentalhealthawarenessmonth #courage #bronx #losangeles #brazil #represent #clothing

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Alex Standall – Miles Heizer

Jessica Davis – Alisha Boe

New York boo

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Zach Dempsey – Ross Butler

Bryce Walker – Justin Prentice

Tyler Down – Devin Druid

this is my Finny and I #LookHowCuteHisBigHeadIs #Aw

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Sheri Holland – Ajiona Alexus

Passionfruit. 🍍#live #acoustic Tag someone who reminds you of this song❤

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Marcus Cole – Steven Silver

A post shared by Steven Silver (@silversteven) on

Courtney Crimsen – Michele Selene Ang

look at these young birds! 🕊 pc: @mitchellmccormack 💘

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Ryan Shaver – Tommy Dorfman


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