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AHA: zo oud is de cast van Netflixserie ’13 Reasons Why’ echt

Ze horen allemaal niet meer thuis in de middelbare school.

13 reasons why leeftijd
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13 Reasons Why‘ is hét highschooldrama du moment, maar zoals dat gaat bij tienerseries, zit de cast allesbehalve in hun terrible teens. Zitten de acteurs dichter bij de dertig dan bij de dertien? Wij zochten hun leeftijd voor je uit!

Dylan Minnette (Clay Jensen) – 23 jaar

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heh heh

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Alisha Boe (Jessica Davis) – 23 jaar

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Brandon Flynn (Justin Foley) – 26 jaar

Justin Prentice (Bryce Walker) – 26 jaar

Christian Navarro (Tony Padilla) – 28 jaar

Miles Heizer (Alex Standall) – 26 jaar

Ross Butler (Zach Dempsey) – 30 jaar

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I know I've been pretty much radio silent about this whole pandemic situation, but it is not out of apathy, but more so out of not knowing what to say. The political climate were in has been creating a lot of hate and personal attack rather than proper debate, a dynamic which helps no one on either side. A post on Instagram or a tweet isn't going to change someone's opinion on politics, race, religion, etc overnight. The problem doesn't lie in WHAT were arguing about, but moreso HOW. Name calling, hate speech, and the like only divides us further and makes us listen to each other less. I am here rather to try and remain a positive voice. To all my Asian and Asian American brothers and sisters, we're all in this together. Stay indoors, wash your hands, get good sleep. If someone doesn't understand the difference between blaming a country or blaming an entire race, arguing with them is probably wasted air anyways. Thank you @phenomenal for the t shirt

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Devin Druid (Tyler Down) – 22 jaar

Anne Winters (Chloe Rice) – 26 jaar

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Mask on deck.

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Timothy Granaderos (Montgomery de la Cruz) – 33 jaar

Grace Saif (Ani Achola) – 24 jaar

Tyler Barnhardt (Charlie St. George) – 27 jaar

Deaken Bluman (Winston Williams) – 24 jaar

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