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INSPIRATIE: 27 creatieve ideeën om je kot in te richten

Nu je ouders nog overtuigen om in de auto te springen richting IKEA 😉

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Ga je voor het eerst op kot of heb je gewoon zin om nog snel voor de start van het nieuwe schooljaar je slaapkamer een make-over te geven? Wij verzamelden 27 ideeën om jouw stekje op een creatieve manier in te richten.




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Earlier this year I came home from being @away on a trip to Los Angeles. I haven’t traveled much lately because I have been so focused on work and achieving the goals I've set up for myself. I could never have imagined how big of an impact this trip would have on me. My first two days in LA I felt frustrated because everything was so spread out- it took forever to get anything done. However, as the trip carried on, I started to accept that and that’s ok for things to take some time. I also started to question who I had become after living in NYC for four years (where I pretty much can get and do whatever I want 24/7) without ever taking a break, reflex over how I really feel or letting myself have a day off, to just be, me. When I came back to NYC I started to question all these things. Shouldn’t I be happy for being able to do what I love everyday, for being surrounded by inspiring people, for having my health, for living alone in a 2 bedroom apartment, for having food on my table everyday, the list is long… I figured that I have been so focused on my career ever since I moved here and for me who pretty much work with my biggest passion, never even feel like I’m working sometimes. I mentioned a few weeks ago that my mantra for 2019 is Self Love (which I’m now officially extending do my “Lifetime mantra”). Even though I am so grateful to be able to do what I love I also realize how important it is to find balance in life and focus as much on the inner you where I believe true happiness comes from. So this year I’m gonna be a “human” and find a balance in between work and being a “private person” and I feel so excited about it! This caption became very long but hopefully I inspired someone to do the same (and if you figured it out already, good for you ☺️) Last but not least I want to share my everyday Love Note to yourself: “Love yourself, instead of loving the idea of other people loving you” ❤️ #travelaway #ad

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The cutest desk setup #UOonCampus @jnaydaily

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Balans • Moet een slaapkamer “kaal” zijn om tot rust te kunnen komen? Nee zeker niet!😄 Het draait allemaal om balans💛 Een goede harmonie tussen kleuren, materialen en verlichting. En dat is wat ik met de mooie nieuwe producten uit de AW19 collectie van @jysknl mag laten zien (zie ook stories)✨ In deze mini make-over ben ik gegaan voor aarde tinten. En om wat contrast te creëeren, heb ik er een paar zwart/wit accessoires aan toegevoegd. Deze kamer inspireert mij zo fijn als ik ‘s ochtends wakker word. En laat mij heerlijk tot rust komen als de zon onder is💛 Wat is jouw fijnste plek in huis? _____________________________ #mijnJYSK #JYSK #SFcollab2019 #eclectichome #eclectic #binnenkijker #inredning #interiorwarrior #uohome #interiorstyle #myhyggehome #vintageinterior #thenewbohemians #makehomematter #binnenkijken #bohostyle #jungalowstyle #myinterior #myeclecticmix #bohemianinterior #apartmenttherapy #jungalow #bohemianhome #bohoismyjam #myhome2inspire #doingneutralright #roomforinspo #neutralhome

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morning! 🌞 @betsyloveee #UOHome

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